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Knights of the Remnant are made up of talented musicians who have a longing to spread the gospel and share the love of Jesus Christ to the lost. We are tired of seeing a weak church who seems to have lost its power over darkness. We need to unite under the relationship of Jesus and not the religion of Jesus. We are all in this war together and will stand and fight it to the last man. We are His remnant!

We are a hard rock/metal band with a message. We are dedicated to the spreading of Jesus' love and forgiveness while also discussing current issues and other songs that are just plain fun. We believe in the Holy Trinity, the death and resurrection of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is the only way to God the Father, salvation and power over all things destructive. In Him is life and life abundantly. The church has long been neglected and is only one generation away from being forgotten. We are here to bring the saving message of salvation while motivating our youth to be knights and warriors for the continuation of the church.

Praise God!

Revelation 12:17